Siksika Family Services


About Siksika Family Services Corporation

Siksika Family Services Corporation has been established for over 30 years providing programs, resources and services committed to enhancing the ability of Siksika Nation families to live healthier and productive lives. SFSC works among various areas offering different levels of support to help create a stronger community focusing on cultural values and tradition prioritizing families and Siksika nation members. Such services include childcare, employment and training resources, shelter, preventative and early intervention, and financial assistance.

Learn more about SFSC – our history, our values, our mission, and our vision for the future.

Vision Statement

An empowered Siksika Nation where our people are valued and living purposeful, independent, and healthy lives

Mission Statement

To provide exemplary programs and services as well as support for Siksika families and encourage healthy lifestyles

Value Statement

Siksika Family Services Corporation is guided by the following values. All of our decisions and actions will demonstrate these values. We believe that putting our values into practice will create long-term benefits for Siksika Nation and all our members we serve.


We are Siksika and we respect all of creation, our nation members and staff


We govern with honesty and integrity


We are transparent and open within our authority