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About the Siksika Daycare

On-Reserve Service

The Siksika Daycare was established to provide the best possible high quality daily care for children six months to six years of age. It is an integral part of the Siksika Family Services Corporation (incorporated as a non-for-profit on December 21, 1989 under the Alberta Companies Act).

The Siksika Daycare advocates for the best interest, protection and advancement of all children, youth and their families that we serve. We recognize that nurturing and education go hand-in-hand, as it provides learning opportunities, while meeting the fundamental needs for culture/language, health/nutrition, education, parental involvement, and social support.

We work cooperatively and in partnership with Siksika Niinaiks, Members, Siksika Family Services Corporation Board of Directors and Siksika Tribal Administration to achieve our proposed outcomes and results to assist in the improvements of the health and well-being of all our members.

Vision Statement

Our Siksika Nation Families and children are valued, nurtured and supported to achieve their full potential

Mission Statement

Siksika Daycare endeavors to provide quality childcare services for all Siksika community members with a holistic and cultural approach


We, Siksika Daycare, are guided by the following values:

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Director: Adrienne Lagrelle