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About Henry Three Suns

On and Off-Reserve Service

The Henry Three Suns Receiving Home (HTSRH) is an integral part of the Siksika Family Services Corporation. HTSRH was incorporated as a not-for-profit organization under the Alberta Companies Act in 2013 as “Henry Three Suns Child and Youth Society”.

HTSRH provides a safe and nurturing home for children and youth in crisis. We work cooperatively and in partnership with Siksika Nation Members, Siksika Chief and Council (Niinaiks), Siksika Family Services Corporation Board of Directors, Siksika Administration, and other valued stakeholders.

Vision Statement

A safe, nurturing and cultural environment for children and youth

Mission Statement

To provide a safe home, to support emergency placement, deliver prevention and transitional services to children and youth in our care


Henry Three Suns Receiving Home is guided by the following values:
Accredited by Canadian Accreditation Council
Henry Three Suns Team Contacts

Sharla McMaster


Rosella Doore

Recieving Home Team Lead

Kaylin Running Rabbit

Children's Village Team Lead