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Special Projects

SFSC Special Projects

Siksikaipokowa Otokaakstsimoan - Siksika Law for Siksika Children

Siksika Family Services Community Consultation Task Force Team and Elders met in mid-December to work on finalizing the first official draft of the Siksika (Spiritual) Law for Siksika Children. This Siksika-led legislation focuses on protecting Siksika Children, through preventative measures including providing supports and services to Siksika children and families to improve the well-being of Siksika families and the Siksika Nation. The CCTF team has worked tirelessly to ensure this document addresses our Children’s needs and to finalize this historic document, which is nearing its completion. 

Please note: The Pre-Amble to this historical document is entirely in Siksika and identified as a “spiritual law.”

Community Wellness Index – Child & Youth Survey (Ages 9-17)

In collaboration with the University of Waterloo and UNICEF Canada, SFSC is drafting a unique child and youth-based survey which will provide Siksika Nation service providers, community members and funders with the up-to-date quantitative and qualitative data necessary in understanding gaps in service, funding shortage and detail the overall health of our young people. 

This survey will support Siksika Law for Siksika Children. 

Networking: Siksika schools, surrounding schools and youth groups.

Hub Model

 Siksika Nation service providers gather once per week to identify and respond to acutely elevated high-risk situations; goal is to mitigate acutely high-risk situations by providing supports necessary