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Media Release

Siksika Family Services Corporation Appoints New CEO

Siksika, Alta. April 29, 2024— Siksika Family Services Corporation has recently appointed a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Barry Smith, effective March 11, 2024. SFSC extends its gratitude to Betty Mah, who has been interim CEO since December 2023 and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Betty will continue her duties as CFO with some assistance to Barry as he transitions into his new position. Barry brings with him years of experience working with and for First Nations communities. His experience includes organizational development and organizational change. He has spent his career building capacity in First Nations communities as well as First Nations people in western Canada. 

“I am very pleased and excited to have been invited to contribute to the Siksika Family Services Corporation, to the children and families of Siksika as well as to the Siksika Nation. Hoping to affect positive changes for the nation and for the people.”

SFSC is confident that under the guidance of Barry Smith, the organization will continue to thrive achieving new milestones to better assist Siksika Nation.

About Siksika Family Services Corporation: 

Siksika Family Services Corporation has been established for nearly 30 years offering a wide range of services to help assist Siksika Nation. These services include: Siksika Child and Family Services, Siksika Income Support, Siksika Employment Skills & Training, Siksika Resource Centre, Siksika Daycare, Henry Three Suns, Siksika Shelter and Siksika Urban Care Plan. Operating from three different areas: Siksika Nation, Alta., Strathmore Alta. and Calgary Alta. SFSC is committed to enhancing the ability of Siksika Nation members by offering various levels of support intertwined with cultural teachings and traditional values.


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