Van Driver

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POSITION: Van can used for multiple purposed such as transporting clients or delivering goods. Delivery Van Drivers are hired to handle tasks that are associated with delivering […]

Youth Prevention Team Lead

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POSITION: The Youth Prevention Team Lead is responsible for program development and provision of strategic leadership and direction to Youth Prevention team members, under the Prevention/Early Intervention […]

Employment Cultural Coordinator

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POSITION: Due to cultural assimilation over the last 150 years many of the Siksika people do not have the foundational knowledge of the values embedded in the […]

West Daycare Maintenance

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POSITION: Carries out rapirs and scheduled maintenance to heating and ventilating systems, water and sewage systems, fire alarm/sprinkler and emergency lighting systems at Siksika Day Care Centre. […]

Post Majority Addictions Support Worker

GENERAL STATEMENT OF POSITION: The Post Majority Caseworker is responsible for working with Youth/Adults to assist as needed with Addictions support to ensure a successful transition to independence. This includes […]

Post Majority Nurse – Outreach

Post Majority Nurse-Outreach position provides a combination of duties to ensure that the youth/adult has health and medical supports in place to support their health and well-being The Nurse is […]

Trauma Informed Care Worker

In a trauma-informed approach, all people at all levels of the organization or system have a basic realization about trauma and understand how trauma can affect families, groups, organizations, and […]

Emergency / Transition Home Team Lead

The Team Lead will provide direction to a team of Youth Care Workers at Siksika. The Team Lead oversees all aspects of program life, including the daily care, wellness, and […]

Accounts Payable Clerk

Job posting – Accounts Payable clerk The Part-time Accounts Payables Clerk is responsible for assisting the Accounts Payables (AP) Administrator for the timely and accurate operation of the AP. Under […]

On-Call Receptionist

Job posting – On-Call Receptionist The On-call Receptionist/Admin will be placed on an on-call list, where you may be given short notice to report for a position on the nation. […]